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Writing 4 Change

College Unbound and P2PU are two education projects with very different communities and approaches, and very similar philosophies.

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Learning Creative Learning: How we tinkered with MOOCs

We decided to create our own. Our goal was to create an online course more aligned with our own educational sensibilities and style. We were not opposed to “massive” but it was not our first priority.

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Rethinking Assessment, Supporting Diversity

Real-life problems often have dozens of potential solutions. As long as there is one right answer, we’re competing for a scarce amount of knowledge.

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Play With Your Music

Play With Your Music is about learning music while playing with music. It’s a hands-on introduction to the creative processes of audio engineers and producers. The first six-week course provided an introduction to critical listening, strategies for learning from recordings,...

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Assessment on the Web

What we would like to suggest is an approach that great instructors already know to be true. When a student gives feedback or support to another student, that process deepens their own understanding.

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Assessment on the Web

As learning on the web has evolved and “grown up”, a few innovative trends have emerged. Certain principles tap all the connectedness that the web has to offer. Of the learning communities we consider successful and that we admire, several...

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Assessment on the Web

As a learning community, P2PU is part of a larger ecosystem of online education with different trends, economic models and approaches to recognition and measurement. From where we sit, assessment is the biggest hurdle to innovation in how people learn....

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MOOC Maker

In late 2011 there was a rumbling in the air around the open education space. Massive, open, online courses were springing up all over the web. Two distinct types begin to emerge out of the MOOC model - Connectivist MOOCS...

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School of Ed

Many of the professional development experiences available to K-12 educators are lackluster; at their worst, they can be uninspiring, inauthentic, and ineffective. At it’s best though, professional learning can be stimulating, inquiry-driven, and powerful. It can ignite the lives of...

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In 2012, we decided to try running a pop-up office for 1 month. This report documents the set-up, experience and evaluation of the pop-up. Distributed working is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the non-profit and tech worlds, where staff with...